Experience the beauty of Dubrovnik – the pearl of the Adriatic!

Discover its Old City, included on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The famous Irish writer George Bernard Shaw wrote: “If you are looking for heaven on Earth, go to Dubrovnik.” Enjoy a private guided city tour and discover old churches, fortresses and plazas also with the option of continuing with a walk along the famous city walls with the magnificent views or alternatively take a ride to Mount Srđ by cable car. The walls were constructed between the 8th and 16th centuries and offer 16 towers and fortresses on the walk. Dubrovnik has bars and clubs aplenty, and the Old Town streets can be crowded in the evening.

Why is Dubrovnik so special? To cut a long story short…. Situated in the southern part of Croatia, Dubrovnik offers a unique combination of cultural heritage, museums, monuments and natural beauty. Entering the old stone gates you will fall in love at first sight. You will always hear comments  around you like: amazing, stunning, overwhelming, exceptional, splendid, culturally rich… simply unique. Dubrovnik is beautiful in all seasons. Try to escape peak season and feel the city in less crowded period. The story of Dubrovnik began in the 7th century when the first settlement was build. The name is from dubrava, which means “oak grove”. Dub in Croatian language means “oak”. Dubrovnik developed slowly into an aristocratic republic becoming free in the 14th century only nominally accepting Austro-Hungarian rule and paying annual tribute. In the 16th century its navy with 180 ships was third biggest navy in the world and ships were sent to England and even to India. The Dubrovnik Republic traded with India and the East also and had a Consul in Goa, India. Even today there is a Church of St. Blaise. The sentence engraved on the fortress Lovrijenac emphasises the soul of the Dubrovnik republic: “Non bene pro toto venditur Libertas auro” – “Liberty cannot be sold for all the gold in the world.” Dubrovnik has plenty of luxurious accommodation and experiences for every taste and occasion. Find you own place overlooking crystal clear waters!

Top 10 things to do

Top 10 things to do in Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik has a rich heritage and culture; with plenty of historical attractions to discover. Definitely Number 1 and must see is the Old City. Entering the ancient stone gates Pile or Ploče you will fell in love at first sight! Getting lost here is not a defeat; it’s an opportunity. Or simply ask for Stradun. Stradun is the main street in the Old city and around it there is a network of tiny streets with galleries, restaurants, cafes and museums.


You should not miss ancient city walls with breath-taking views all the way round! The entrance is near the Ploče gate and the Onofrio fountain. If you have time visit the walls early in the morning or in the afternoon when groups from cruises are gone. Once you have made the initial climb, fairly easy going – allow yourself more time as there are cafes to sit and relax on the way round.


Dubrovnik’s famous Cathedral of the Assumption is a must-see as it boasts stunning old architecture of this ancient church. It was built in 7th century; supposedly the money to build the basilica was contributed by the England’s King Richard I, the Lionheart, who was saved from a shipwreck on the nearby island of Lokrum. The cathedral treasury shows the numerous connections which Dubrovnik had with the seaports in the Mediterranean in the past.


Take a ride to Mount Srđ by cable car. The best views of Dubrovnik and the surroundings are, without doubt, experienced from the top of the Srđ. The cable car was built in 1969. and has been destroyed in the Croatian war of independence. The cable car station is located in the Old city, near Northern entrance, next to the fireman station and the ride takes about 4 minutes. Try to get the best place for taking photos while going up! Next to the upper station is the war museum and a panoramic restaurant. Stay for lunch or coffee at the top, you won’t regret it.


The Old City has many attractions worth seeing including Rector’s palace and the Dominican Monastery. Located next to the Saint Blaise Church, harmonious Gothic and Rennaissanse Rector’s Palace used to serve as the seat of the Rector of the Dubrovnik Republic. Dominican Monastery is situated in the eastern part of the Old City, close to the Ploče gate. This very peaceful place with a lovely courtyard and church is a tranquil oasis to escape from city hustle.


Dubrovnik is the city of culture and museums. You can visit over 15 museums inside the Old City. Check why War Photo Limited museum is in the top 10 attractions in Dubrovnik by TripAdvisor!  This moving exhibition gives a lot to think about.


Be a tourist and go swim at Banje beach! Dubrovnik’s main beach is situated next to the Old City and very close to the famous Excelsior hotel. During the day you can enjoy sunbathing at pebble and sandy beach or having a drink in trendy bar or you could rent a kayak to Lokrum Island.


Visit Cavtat! It is located 15 kilometres south of Dubrovnik and is the centre of Konavle municipality. In ancient time the city was named Epidaurum and Ragusa. Today is a very popular tourist destination and the seafront is filled with shops and elegant restaurants. It is perfect to connect Cavtat with an excursion to Konavle area where you can meet the persevered nature, unique rural architecture and traditions that are hundreds of years old. Like folklore (traditional dance).


Spend a day cruising around Elafiti Islands abroad a replica of a historical galleon. Those tours offered as half day or whole day tours include lunch with fresh seafood on board, accompanied by wine and live folk music. Elafiti Islands boast with rich history of former Dubrovnik residents who owned their summer houses on the Islands. Enjoy free time to explore Koločep, Lopud and Šipan!


Take a day trip to Montenegro from Dubrovnik! Discover the Bay of Kotor, one of the most spectacular locations in the Mediterranean and take a boat ride to the man-made islet of Our Lady of the Rocks and ending in Kotor which walls and fortresses are also included on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Top 5 Experiences

Top 5 experiences in Dubrovnik



Lokrum is an island only 600 metres from the Old City. This beautiful wooded island is pictured on every postcard from Dubrovnik and why is it so special? Austrian archduke Maximilian once had a holiday home on the Island of Lokrum. A monastery and the botanical gardens have survived from those times and on the top there is Fort Royal Castle, built by the French. The island is connected with the legend that Richard the Lionheart was shipwrecked on Lokrum and promised to build a church on the island but, the church (the Dubrovnik Cathedral) was built on the mainland. The island is covered in thick Mediterranean flora and trees and there is a small salt lake. Today Lokrum is a Nature Reserve and a peaceful gateway from busy Dubrovnik. If you are a Game of Thrones fan they have a nice exhibit about the on-location shooting, which was filmed here. Precisely because this island is ideal for exploring by kayak, of course in the summer season. Otherwise there is a scheduled ferry line between mainland and the island. Accompanied by a guide you will explore the lovely Lokrum. It is possible to paddle around the island and have a break for snorkelling and a snack.  Discover why Dubrovnik walls are so spectacular from a different perspective and rent a kayak!



Dubrovnik Summer Festival was first held in 1956. It is the oldest cultural festival in Croatia, with rich program in the fields of theatre, classic music and opera. The lovely city of Dubrovnik plays an important role for the festival: its ancient walls and surroundings are the stage to the events. Classic theatre productions are held on the town streets and squares, making the Dubrovnik deeply immersed in the festival. Dubrovnik Summer Festival hosts the world’s most famous composers, soloists and orchestras. The opening ceremony is held on the 10th July each year.



Nightlife in Dubrovnik begins in the evening when people start to walk up and down the Stradun (the main street). Then you might have one drink for warm up in many bars and pubs. Also popular clubs are here. Simply enjoy!



Book a memorable private day tour! Our guide will meet you and take you on a private guided tour of Dubrovnik Old City, you will enjoy seeing some of the most beautiful buildings of the world with history and culture that dates back many hundreds of years. Private city tours are chances to learn so much about the history of Dubrovnik, the inside stories about the culture and people of Dubrovnik. After the tour you have the options of continuing with a walk along the famous city walls with magnificent views or alternatively take a ride to Mountain Srđ by cable car.



Take a day trip to the Pelješac peninsula! The wines that are grown between towns Ston and Orebić are considered by many to be the country’s finest wines. The most famous wine is Dingač, other great wines are Postup and Plavac mali. Wine production is relatively small, visiting is very casual. After visiting vineyards and indulging in wine tasting don’t miss Ston and The Walls of Ston. They were known as the “European Wall of China”, originally more than 7 kilometres long, that surrounded the city. Bring walking shoes and enjoy the sceneries and great view of the salt pans. Visit an oyster farm! You will be taken to the farm by boat and you can watch how the fisherman pull the oysters right out and cut them open. You can have them fresh or with a squeeze of lemon.. Heaven on earth!