The Island of Lošinj


The Island of Lošinj


Where Dreams Come True

Surrounded by the crystal clear waters of Kvarner Bay and covered with lush green vegetation, this stunning island provides a perfect setting for an intoxicating Mediterranean experience rich in tradition, heritage and sublime cuisine and medicinal plant life all around you.

Forming part of the Cres-Lošinj archipelago, which also includes a number of smaller islands like Susak, Ilovik and Unije – Lošinj boasts a great location with a particularly pleasant microclimate.

The island of Lošinj, with the two centres of Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj, has been proudly hosting tourists for over 200 years. Situated in Augusta Bay, Mali Lošinj is the largest Adriatic island town (7,000 inhabitants) and up until mid thirteenth century was sparsely inhabited. From then until the nineteenth century, it was a leading regional maritime power and the most important Adriatic port after Trieste. The inhabitants of Lošinj, known for their shipbuilding skills, were considered the best sailors in the Mediterranean. Given its excellent climate, Mali Lošinj was, in 1892, designated as a health resort by the Austro Hungarian government, a reputation it retains to this day. You will enjoy walking in the famous aromatherapy garden and seeing its herbs and other medicinal plants.

The Island can be easily reached from the mainland by car, by boat, or even by plane as the island has an airfield, which is also the starting point for panoramic flights around the island. International airports – Rijeka (on the island of Krk) and Pula – are also close by, and Adria Blue offers their guests Fly & Drive transfer services between the airport and the hotel.

Top 10 things to do

Top 10 things to do on Lošinj


Set sail on a sailing boat and explore one or more of the many surrounding islands, including Susak, Unije or Ilovik. Visit Dalmatinka restaurant on Ilovik Island with an amazing seaside terrace and delicious food. Ilovik is also called the island of flowers because of the oleander, palms and roses found around almost every house. It is easily accessible from all sides with numerous safe gentle coves. If you’re lucky, you will see dolphins.


The island of Lošinj boasts over 1100 plant species, of which 939 are autochthonous flora. Out of those, close to 230 are designated as medicinal plants of some type. Feel the scent of the Herbs at The Garden of Fine Scents in Mali Lošinj. Accompanied by a guide, visitors can learn about the rich flora of the island, therapeutic properties of plants, as well as buy authentic souvenirs.


Watch the sunset from the Lanterna Grill, one of the best venues on the island. Located next to an elegant lighthouse and church Madonna Annuziata (built in 1858) on the isolated cape, halfway between Sunčana uvala and Čikat. Enjoy inspirational Croatian cuisine like lamb chops, fillet of sea bass or scorpion fish overlooking clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Do not miss to try Lanterna’s homemade flatbread with Lošinj herbs.


Take a healthy walk along the coastal path surrounding Čikat Bay and breathe in the fresh sea air. This is a peaceful stroll past rocky beaches, bathing areas and old Habsburg holiday villas from the 19th century. Due to its excellent climate and natural healing factors, its potential was recognised in the past and Mali Lošinj was proclaimed a climatic health resort in 1892.


Be a tourist and enjoy a walking city tour of Mali Lošinj. Positioned in the Augusta Bay, and with 7000 inhabitants, today it is the biggest island town in the Adriatic. Lošinj, which has been almost uninhabited until the middle of the 13th century, developed into a leading regional maritime power by the 19th century. The inhabitants of Lošinj were also known as the best seamen in the Mediterranean.


Eat on the beach at the unique Borik Mediterranean Bar. It offers a selection of refreshing drinks, specially designed daily menus and a unique, priceless sunset view. End your meal with a glass of honey liqueur, a Croatian specialty. In the evening Borik turns into a must-visit entertainment venue featuring the finest cocktail masters.


Go shopping at the Bellevue Hotel boutique and enjoy beautiful items signed by leading Croatian designers, including unique jewellery by Nenad Sovilj and hand-painted t-shirts, dresses and more from renowned Croatian designer, Ivana Omazić, former creative director of Céline.


A fun filled day at Aqua park Čikat and splashing in the sun awaits you. The brand new Aqua Park with more than 2400 m² of pools is placed at the Čikat campsite and has opened its doors in July 2015. Come and enjoy the perfect spot for families!


Visit the Parish Church of St. August Opat, located in Veli Lošinj, a small idyllic town 3 kilometres from Mali Lošinj. The church was built in 1774, according to drawings prepared by the Venetian architect Bereng and is a monument to the glory of Veli Lošinj’s seamen. It is home to a surprisingly rich collection of Italian masters.


Raise your glass, and try one of Croatia’s fine wines. Taste meat and seafood dishes with a glass of fine wine while enjoying in the refreshing evening breeze. Lošinj Hotels & Villas restaurants provide a great wine list with over 50 wines produced by wine makers from across Croatia.

Top 5 Experiences

Top 5 experiences on Lošinj



After a leisurely breakfast, indulge in specially designed cooking lessons. This day will be dedicated to familiarising yourself with Croatian native cuisine and to introduce to you the flavours and scents of the Adriatic. Our top chefs will show you how to prepare unique Mediterranean and Croatian dishes. We are sure you’ll find this experience to be the highlight of this trip and that it will expand your culinary knowledge. Meet our chef! He is going to be the host of your private cooking lessons in the show cooking part of the restaurant in the luxury hotel Bellevue. Our chef will explain the origin and uniqueness of each of the ingredients and prepare the dish in front of you. The groceries are fresh and seasonal, typical for our region, and gastronomic delights are interwoven with fine wines and extra virgin olive oil. During the private lessons you will have the opportunity to observe and learn the advanced culinary techniques and ask whatever you like. Our afternoon together will last for 4 hours, and in this time the chef will prepare a starter, main dish and dessert for you, which will be served with premium wines, sparkling wines and aperitifs on the recommendation of our sommelier. Enjoy the best flavours of Croatian cuisine and Croatian wines.



For nature lovers, this is a perfect way to spend your day after a delicious breakfast. Care to partake in some yoga or stretching exercises in the morning, while in the afternoon go with our experienced guide on an amazing trekking adventure. You will have an opportunity to explore the real island of Lošinj and well-known hiking trails along the west coast of the island. The privately guided hike starts in Čikat bay and continues Silver Bay and Golden Bay. We continue to Boca Falsa Bay from where we continue through the pine tree forest to the old lookout point Monte Baston. Here you will have an impressive view of the city centre and the neighbouring islands – Susak, Srakane, Unije and even the island of Rab. We continue our walk to the Lanterna restaurant, the ideal place for enjoying the sunset in Lošinj. The restaurant is located near the church Madonna Annunziata, built in 1858, where the sailors of Lošinj prayed with their families before leaving. Enjoy dinner and a beautiful sunset at the la carte restaurant Lanterna.



Our trip starts from Mali Lošinj to the old town of Osor. Osor lies at a narrow channel that separates islands Cres and Lošinj. Today Osor is a small town with only 70 inhabitants, but with a glorious past. It is an open-air museum with rich historical heritage, from the contemporary Meštrović to the ruins of the ancient walls, fort and the first early Christian basilica. Together with private guide you will visit: The Archaeological Collection Osor – Museum of Lošinj. Our next stop will be the small city Lubenice on the Island of Cres. Lubenice is an ancient fort city that was founded approximately four thousand years ago on top of a 380 m high ridge that overlooks the Adriatic Sea. It is a small local centre that comprises forty buildings and seven permanent inhabitants. Buildings in the city are constructed out of the same material as the surrounding cliffs and there are two well-preserved extant city gates on the North and South of the city as well as a wall in the East. Enjoy a typical Croatian lunch at the Hibernica restaurant. It is also possible to visit small village Valun or the town of Cres. Cres is the only island in Croatia with a lake – a crypto depression – in its middle. The lake is very unique and has been supplied Cres and Lošinj with drinking water for more than 50 years! P.S. very soon the Croatian Apoxyomenos – national treasure, best preserved statue of Apoxyomenos today in the world – will return to the new museum in Mali Lošinj being specially constructed for it. It was recovered from the sea near the islet of Vele Oruje, near Lošinj in 1999 and it was most likely made in the first century BC. Real treasure!



Enjoy breakfast at leisure after which we have arranged for you to enjoy a day in nature. Together with our guide you will have an opportunity to explore the real island of Lošinj and well-known footpath Dolphin way. Why Dolphin way – if you are lucky, here you will have the greatest chance of seeing a playful group of dolphins. Our trekking tour begins at bay Čikat and passes from bay Borik to bay Krivica. After hour and half we reach one of the most beautiful Lošinj’s bay Krivica. Our tour continues towards Balvanida bay where refreshments are planned in a local tavern. House speciality is grilled lamb. We continue our way to St. Ivan Hill (231 m) with a chapel built in 1755. Enjoy the breath-taking view towards the town of Veli Lošinj and the surrounding islands. We hike downhill to the town of Veli Lošinj and after resting, you will have an organised transportation by car. We also will visit the Garden of fine scents in Mali Lošinj, a garden of herbs and medicinal plants. You will be acquainted with the herbs and healing properties of the rich islands flora. Return to the hotel.



Today you will see the unique islands and bays of Cres and Lošinj archipelago. After breakfast we are going to board the sailboat anchored in front of Hotel Bellevue and together with our skipper begin an exciting journey to the islands of Susak and Unije. Susak – the sandy island – is a unique island in the Adriatic Sea due to its origin and its appearance. The island used to be known for its wine and dense population. Most inhabitants have emigrated to America and today it is estimated that in the State of New Jersey there are 2500 people originating from Susak. The island has a lot cultural customs including unique and bright colour folk costumes. We will then take a short break for refreshments and then explore the Upper and Lower village. After Susak, our journey takes us to the island of Unije. It is an island of olive groves in which treetops whisper the spirit of the past, since the island was inhabited prior to the Ancient World. Today it is a typical fishing village with 280 houses and less than 100 permanent residents. The story says that in Roman times there were over 20 000 olive trees on Unije. We will climb up to the scenic lookout and enjoy our lunch at the local restaurant. Return to Čikat bay is planned in the evening hours.